Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shopping spree!

I went on a huge shopping spree and bought loads and loads of clothes for college, I start on Monday, and I needed some new clothes! But I never go into town without buying some form of stationary, because it just doesn't feel right going home without any! So today I bought a:

1) 30cm x 30cm plain black paper scrap/sketchbook for my photography course.
2) A set of four paper-back washi style tapes.
3) A new pencil case for all the new college stationary I will be buying at the weekend! I'm so excited it's a bit weird :D

That's all, I haven't had any new post in a few days which is unusual but when I have a good amount that's new I'll make a post! Thanks :-)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I love walking

I go for a walk everyday. I love all the scenery where I live because I live in the countryside :-) I took my film camera with me and used up the whole film taking pictures of the walk so I could show a few of my penpals why I love where I live so much! I'll post some scans of the images when I get them developed :-)

Monday, 3 September 2012

My trip to the beach

Yesterday, I went to Skegness (on the coast). It's the closest beach to me with an hours drive or hour and a half train journey, which sucks! I went with a friend to enjoy my last week before I start college and I thought I'd show some of the goodies I got!

Starting from the left:
I got two friendship bracelets, one for a penpal and one for me.
I bought a notebook which looks like an old fashioned magazine cover and I love it!
We played on the amusements a lot (slot machine etc) and with the tickets I won I bought the cupcake money box, I collect money boxes, and the Disney multi-colour pen.
I won the teddy bear on a 2p machine. It's worth £9.99 and I only put about 10 2ps to win it, so I was really lucky. It's so cute!
Finally, I bought a range of postcards to send to a few penpals so they can see where I went.

I love my trips to the beach. Unless I visit my grandparents, this is my closest beach so I do enjoy it, it's a beautiful atmosphere.


Hello, this is my first post on my blog and I don't really know what to say! I wanted a way of showing the beautiful letters I receive and the letters I'm proud of, which I send out. I'm posting this from my phone so I can post a picture:
My letter count so far, I don't have that many penpals so it's not loads but I'm proud of it.

I hope I can gain a few penpals from this website too, so don't be shy, email me if you're interested. I will hopefully start posting text and pictures regularly, thank you!